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Isle of You Lawrenceville is getting a much-needed facelift!

The Lawrenceville location of Isle of You Hair Color Studio has been open since 2012. It has always been more of an artist's studio, not a fancy space. It's comfortable and relaxed, and the worn wooden floor was speckled with color like an abstract painting; no matter what we tried to do, we could not protect that floor from the bright colors that our creative team uses on their clients. Still, it was a warm, happy place that clients described by saying things like "it's like hanging out at your best friend's house!" A glass of wine, lots of laughs and great hair- that's what the heart of Isle of You Lawrenceville has always been. But- over time, 'comfortable' turned to worn, 'artsy' became shabby, and it's time to face the reality that our beloved, original space is in desperate need of an update. So, with the help of the amazing Isle of You Team, the salon was cleared, and we closed for two weeks for a complete overhaul. New floors, new ceiling and lighting, all new beautiful furniture, a new salon design and layout- you won't even recognize it! We will be open for appointments on Monday, January 21. All the furniture will be in and the construction will be complete, although we will still be fine-tuning and finishing up details. We will announce an open house when all the finishing touches are done, and everyone is welcome to come see our beautiful new salon. We are so excited to share this with you, and I hope you will come check it out!


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