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At Isle of You Hair Color Studio we are taking the COVID-19 flu threat seriously.

Our guests, teammates and families are always at the center of everything we do as a salon company, so we’d like to address concerns about the COVID-19 and the steps we’re taking to focus on keeping people safe and healthy. We’re closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from public health officials and government agencies.

The cleanliness of our Studio has always been a top priority for us, now more than ever. In addition to our regular cleaning procedures, increased sanitization measures are being added. We are fortunate to have a cleaning contractor that works with two local hospitals, cleaning their surgical centers and outpatient facilities. We have implemented the same cleaning procedures using the same antibacterial cleaning methods and products at Isle of You that are used in surgical centers and outpatient hospital facilities to combat this new health threat.

Further, Staff and Cleaners have increased disinfecting of all doorknobs and handles, doorframes, horizontal surfaces, seating surfaces, office equipment, phones, shampoo bowls, dryer and station chair touch-point surfaces. Our staff has been instructed to adhere to “social distance” policies as much as possible, (considering the nature of our work) so handshakes and hugs will now be elbow bumps and air kisses. In addition, we have temporarily discontinued use of glasses and ceramic cups; our refreshments will be served in disposable cups and glasses until this threat has been contained.

Everyone is concerned about exposure to large groups right now; our salon is a relatively small facility, and at full capacity you will typically encounter no more than 15 people (and that is rare.)

You can help combat the spread of this virus by washing your hands frequently and observing typical hygienic standards for self-care. Additionally, if you are sick, we ask that you call to reschedule your appointment. Although our no-show/no-call policy remains in effect, we are temporarily waiving our late-cancellation penalty as this health risk evolves; we would rather reschedule so you can take the time you need to feel better. Further, we have instructed all Isle of You staff to stay home if they are sick, to avoid exposing others. If this occurs, we will do our best to accommodate you with another stylist if possible or will reschedule you for a future appointment with your preferred stylist. We ask for your patience and understanding if these steps become necessary.

Our goal is to reduce the risk that anyone at Isle of You Hair Color Studio might contract or inadvertently spread the virus, while remaining open and available to create beautiful hair for you. It is important that we take these proactive steps to protect ourselves and you, and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you,

Isle of You Hair Color Studio

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